Let’s face it, we’re surrounded by things we’d like to change. Unfortunately, many of us are waiting for somebody else to do something about the problems we see. The simple fact is we all need to take action. If we want the world to be a better place, WE need to change.

Introducing: Transformation Tables.

Change Your World Transformation Tables are values-based leadership lessons designed to be experienced in a group setting. In just nine lessons you will begin to live out solid values and experience personal transformation. Each lesson is focused on a single key universal value: Hope, Listening, Valuing Every Person, Integrity, Forgiveness, and Multiplication.

To support your Change Your World Journey, Action Tables were created to help you build on the foundation of good values and focus on learning to make a difference by intentionally taking action each day.

Are you ready to Change Your World? Join us to gain transformation concepts with practical application. Zoom meetings with Richard & Kimberly Wilson start May 2, 2022 and end on August 22, 2022.

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Organizations and Individuals Alike Can Benefit From Transformation Tables

Change Your World Mastermind Group (Zoom) is focused on bringing people to life! With the help of Transformation Tables, you can shift your culture to reflect values-based, people-centric leadership principles.

Developing a common language and a deeper connection by spending time learning each other’s personal values, experiences, and goals is a powerful experience. Participants report feeling heard and when teams engage together, leaders report higher levels of engagement.

Simply meet with your online group 1 hour every other week for 9 lessons to experience Change Your World Mastermind Group (Zoom). Richard & Kimberly Wilson will lead you through this transformation course that you can take to your spheres of influence.

Simply register to enter on the road of transformational success as we meet with like-minded people to discuss, brainstorm, and create plans of action to Change Your World.

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