Victorious Prayer Warrior Bootcamp

Transform Your Team’s Prayer Life and Your Leadership Skills in 7 Weeks

Next mentoring class: May 11, 2020 – June 29, 2021
(with early access available immediately upon registration)

Are you looking for a program to train your team, unify them and equip them to fight spiritual battles? If yes, the TRAIN THE TRAINER Intensive is for you!

In 7 weeks, you will receive training in how to facilitate a Victorious Prayer Warrior Bootcamp with your own team either in person or on-line.

Your registration includes:

  1. 1 year access to course videos to instruct your team
  2. Discount pricing on course materials for your students
  3. 7 weeks of leadership training, including how to build and unify your team, train them, and lead prayer assignments
  4. Personal coaching with Richard and Kimberly Wilson
  5. Networking and brainstorming opportunities with various trainers in the US and Canada
  6. Personalized on-line course platform for your students
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About Victorious Prayer Warrior Bootcamp:

When life’s tough battles come your way, are you ready for the fight? God did not create you to be beat up by the devil, shell-shocked from spiritual warfare, or defeated by prayers that have not been answered. He created you to fight the good fight of faith and win, and Satan doesn’t want you to know it!

Richard & Kimberly Wilson’s Victorious Prayer Warrior Bootcamp brings Biblical insight and instruction to live the life of a victorious prayer warrior. You will learn your rights and responsibilities as a soldier in the Army of the Lord, all while developing an unshakable relationship with the Lord of the Angel Armies that will empower you to withstand life’s challenges.

In this course, you will learn about:

> The Clash of 2 Kingdoms – The Kingdom of Light and the Kingdom of Darkness

> Developing the mindset of an unshakable prayer warrior

> Discovering your assigned battlefield

> Gain strategies for success in spiritual warfare

The foundational principles taught will set those who are called to a life of intercession on a course of victory. Today, God is assembling a new breed of passionate believers who are ready to handle any conflict that comes their way. Is that you? If so, get ready to be prepared for battle.  It’s time to be a Victorious Prayer Warrior!

This 7-Week Online Intensive is designed to to move from having a mundane and often ineffective prayer life to praying targeted and strategic prayers with the intention to get results. Enrollment is open. Classes officially start on May 11, 2021. Weekly Train the Trainer course materials and videos will be released each Wednesday. You have all week to watch the class and complete course assignments. Frequent Q&A calls will be scheduled with your course instructors on a weekly basis. This is the perfect opportunity to learn to be come more effective in your prayer life through training, mentoring and working with other intercessors as well.

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