Kingdom Advancement School Winter/Spring 2020

Next Class: May 9, 2020, 10 AM-4 PM via ZOOM
Warfare Strategies for Earth Managers with Richard and Kimberly Wilson of Watchmen Arise International continues in April with: Family, Famine and Freedom: Development of a Nation  In this course, we cover the foundations of God’s original intent for creation and mankind, how the Fall effected the earth and man’s perception, and how twists and turns in earth’s early history reveal warfare strategies for earth managers as the nations of the Earth develop.  This month we will continue our journey as Israel journeys out of Egypt and develops as a nation and contends with the nations around them.   

This month you will learn about:

    • The Birth of Israel as a Nation
    • The Original Pentecost: Receiving of Torah
    • God’s Warfare Strategies
    • Insights into God’s Prophetic Calendar

Cost:  $30/class or $125/winter semester pre-pay

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Winter/Spring 2020 Class Dates (all classes are 10-4):

Jan. 11 – Feb. 8 – Mar. 14 – Apr. 11 – May 9

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