Change Your World Leadership Group

Let’s face it, we’re surrounded by things we’d like to change. Unfortunately, many of us are waiting for somebody else to do something about the problems we see. The simple fact is we all need to take action. If we want the world to be a better place, WE need to change.

Change Your World Mastermind Group (Zoom) is focused on bringing people to life! With the help of Transformation Tables, you can shift your culture to reflect values-based, people-centric leadership principles.

Developing a common language and a deeper connection by spending time learning each other’s personal values, experiences, and goals is a powerful experience. Participants report feeling heard and when teams engage together, leaders report higher levels of engagement.

Leaders come together to study how to Change Your World based on John C. Maxwell and Rob Hoskins book by the same name.

Join Richard & Kimberly Wilson on Monday nights at 8 PM (ET) starting May 2, 2022.

Join Change Your World

Victorious Prayer Warrior Bootcamp

7-Week TRAIN THE TRAINER Online Intensive Class with Richard & Kimberly Wilson, plus ongoing mentoring.

NEXT CLASS STARTS July 11-August 22, 2022

Train the Trainer students will learn how to facilitate group training using the Victorious Prayer Warrior Bootcamp videos and manual compiled by Richard and Kimberly Wilson.  Weekly calls will cover dynamics of leading a group, how to assess your team as well of instruction on how to facilitate discussions around the weekly videos.

Tuition includes:

1 year access to Training Videos to show your students
Customized access for your team to the online video classroom
Specialized support from the Watchmen Arise team
Discounted Field Manuals for your students
Weekly mentoring sessions

Online Intensive Course includes:

  • weekly video classes (on demand)

  • downloadable lessons

  • planning worksheets

  • scheduled weekly webinars and/or conference calls with your instructors

  • interaction with other online students through discussion groups and social media

  • consultation appointments with your instructors

  • new modules come out each week (study on your own schedule)

Upon completion, Trainers have access to the videos for 1 year, discount pricing for Field Manuals for their students, tech support to set up on-line access for your students and leadership coaching.

Tuition:  $247.00 (1 year access) or 2 payments of $125.00

WANT TO KNOW MORE? Email Kimberly & Richard at to set up a consultation appointment.  


Societal Transformers Bootcamp

Societal Transformers Bootcamp

Learn how to be an occupying force that brings societal transformation!

In this 5-Part course Richard & Kimberly Wilson will teach you about:


In Jesus’ declaration in Matthew 16:13-20, he made the statement “Upon this rock I will build My church.” Church, which is Ekklesia in Greek, means more than the building where we gather on Sunday mornings. In this course we dive into the God’s intent for His Ekklesia to set societal standards and live the life of societal transformers.

We will explore in depth the word Jesus’ used for church, where it originated and what that means for us today. We will gain a clear understanding of the term ekklesia, that it is not an event, but a lifestyle. We will receive ekklesia culture habits that will reflect our call as kings and priests.

Register today for SOCIETAL TRANSFORMERS BOOTCAMP. Classes can be taken on demand at your convenience. Registration includes full access to each lesson’s curriculum and teaching videos.

Strategy & Protocol for Kingdom Advancement 101

On demand self-study course

Classes include:

  • weekly video classes (on demand)

  • downloadable lessons

Strategy & Protocol for Kingdom Advancement 101 addresses the problem that too many believers do not know their true identity and what their real destiny is, therefore the Kingdom of God is not advancing!  

  • Module 1: Foundational Beliefs
  • Module 2: The Amazing Brain begins the exploration of how effective warfare begins with the equipping of the individual self and more.
  • Module 3: Your Eternal Function
  • Module 4:  Foundational Beliefs and the Foolishness of God
  • Module 5: You Have Been Invited to Live God’s Life, NOW!
  • Module 6 : God’s Goal for His Sons

Based on Jim & Faith Chosa, Daychief Ministries Year 1 online school.

Strategy & Protocol for Kingdom Advancement 102

On demand self-study course

Classes include:

  • weekly video classes (on demand)

  • downloadable lessons

Strategy & Protocol for Kingdom Advancement 102 continues to addresses the problem that too many believers do not know their true identity and what their real destiny is, therefore the Kingdom of God is not advancing!


  • Module 7: Overthrowing Habitual Strongholds I
  • Module 8: Overthrowing Habitual Strongholds II
  • Module 9: Overthrowing Habitual Strongholds III
  • Module 10: Overthrowing Habitual Strongholds IV
  • Module 11: Overthrowing Habitual Strongholds V

Warfare Strategies for Earth Managers - Semester 1

Semester 1 of Warfare Strategies for Earth Managers is power packed with training and practical warfare strategies. This course is really 2 in 1:

  • First, we went back to the beginning of creation, then journeyed through the lives of Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Noah and his sons Shem, Ham, and Cain, and finished Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. This gave us a thorough picture of how Israel and the Gentile nations’ cultures developed and dispersed throughout the Earth.
  • Second, warfare strategies were revealed as each generation journeyed through issues of covenant, contention of the nations, defilement of the land, emancipation of land, the power of inheritance, portals, and lawlessness.
This is a Word rich course for those who want to dive deep into understanding how Earth and the nations developed, God’s plan in setting territories in place, strategies for today in how to assess and pray for current world situations and practical tools to apply these to our lives.

Sign up for Semester 1 online today.  Videos are on demand and can be watched at anytime.

Group training is available for ministry and church teams; Discount rate available.
Contact us at to set up a free consult appointment.