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Atmospheric Pressure Getting You Down?

Have you ever walked into a building and felt the presence of darkness? Perhaps you sensed frustration and anger from the people there. That is exactly what happened the night I (Richard) went to the local drug store to pick up a prescription. It was late. The front register was closed. The result: The line at the pharmacy counter consisted of sick people picking up medicine, a guy buying a six-pack and others just wanting to pay for the few items they needed that night. The atmosphere was toxic with bad attitudes.

When we walk into situations like this, we have a choice. Do we succumb to the atmospheric pressure? No! We are called to be atmosphere changers. As kingdom carriers of God’s attributes, we have the ability to shift an atmosphere of darkness to one of light. Choose to succumb, and you become overrun with the bad atmospheric pressure. Choose to overcome, and you will bring the light of the kingdom in instead.

I made a choice to release peace that night at the drug store. What seemed like a volatile environment soon changed to one of peace. The customers began smiling. Their body language changed, too. You have that ability, as well. The substance of God’s peace is within you.

We have the opportunity to release the kingdom of God wherever we go. When we sense an opposing atmosphere, we should move to action. We are to overcome evil with good. Evil wants us to concentrate on it. Don’t do it! Instead, release God’s good into the situation. This is how you displace the evil environment and become an occupying force of good instead!

Atmospheric pressure getting you down? Listen to this episode of Occupying Force on Charisma Podcast Network for tips on how to combat this everywhere you go.

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Who Has Your Ear?

Who Has Your Ear?

Our personal email inbox is overflowing with prayer requests, causes, and campaigns. Not to mention, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Rumble, etc. are full of items that vie for our attention. The resources available today through the internet, videos on demand, DVDs, CD teaching sets, classes, books, and conferences are innumerable. We often receive emails suggesting that we need to watch this or pray for that. We are told we should attend this conference or that meeting. Well-meaning people suggest that we need to read this book or hear that speaker. We could easily spend our whole day reading, watching and listening and never spend quality time with God! We were created to accomplish what He has called us to do. We’ve got to guard our time. We need to be selective in what we hear.

One day in prayer, the Lord gave Kimberly a great piece of advice that we are passing on to you:

Beware of too many voices speaking into your camp.
I have set you in alignment with those I need you to work with in this hour.
Guard your ears from words that will lead you astray from My call on your life.
Some will separate from you because they will see you as narrow-minded, but I call you focused.

If we are counting on someone else to tell us what to do, we are missing the delight of serving the Lord. Those you are in alignment with should complement what God is speaking to you. You should be running the same course. If you feel that you are running in a different direction, ask the Lord to show you if you are properly aligned. If He confirms to you that you are, let Him reveal the source of your contention so that you can deal with it. Be a blessing, not a curse. A word in due season is worth its weight in gold; but too much information equals overload. There are great resources out there. And we need to let the Lord lead us to the ones we need.

There are numerous ministries that are doing great things for God; find where you fit. You owe this to yourself and to the body of Christ. Your gifts will come alive and their ministry will be blessed to have you as part of their team. Be selective of who speaks into your life. Find your team. This is a key to being successful in spiritual warfare.

7 Prayer Targets for City Transformation

Our cities need spiritual transformation and civil reformation. One way you can be part of this is through targeted intercession focused on discipling your city. Oftentimes, we focus on symptomatic issues instead of transformative ones. If we are to overcome corruption and deep-rooted sin in our cities, we must pray for a discipling movement to begin.

Targeted intercession is focused prayer. Think of your prayer as an arrow pulled back in a bow. You are ready to aim and shoot. However, without a target, your prayers fly amiss! Most likely, they will not hit the mark. Prayer targets tend to bring more measurable results.

In the area of city transformation, several areas should be targeted. The spiritual component of prayer, combined with believers who will be the voice and action of change, will cause communities to reform. When the worldview of citizens shifts, the culture follows suit.

Ready to pray for city transformation? Let’s join together and target the following areas in our towns:

  1. Revival of our first love: We are commanded to love God and love our neighbors as ourselves. When a realization of God’s big love for us manifests in members of a community, the culture will change.
  2. We must understand who are as citizens of the kingdom: This includes taking personal responsibility for how we govern ourselves. What do we govern? Our thoughts, attitudes and motives. Also, our homes, faith communities and schools. Citizens who understand their identities are productive members of society.
  3. Ignorance is not bliss: Uneducated people can quickly become enslaved. Abraham Lincoln wisely stated, “The philosophy of the schools in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next.” Pray for a biblical worldview to be taught, as well as moral and principled education, correct history, The Constitution, etc.
  4. Moral Compass: Pray for an understanding of right from wrong to awaken others. There has been a loss of biblical principles and virtues. People of virtue respect and obey the law. Lack of character results in immorality, corrupt laws and poor economy.
  5. Citizen’s Rights: Empowered people empower people. It is our biblical right to own our ideas, thoughts and opinions. Your talent belongs to you. You have the right to own land, speak freely and enjoy the freedom of assembly.
  6. Pray Psalm 110:3, “People will volunteer freely in the day of Thy power.” This includes community collaboration amongst believers to be agents of change in the community.
  7. We are talking cooperation, not competition. Balanced unity is a blessing. When unity is forced, it is a form of communism.

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Is Your City Possessed?

When Jesus told the disciples to cast out demons in His name, this included communities as well as people. What are the demons that inhabit cities? Deep-rooted, cultural sin and oppression. Learned sinful behaviors passed down from generation to generation will result in deep-rooted, cultural sin. Often, demonic possession will take place. The evidence of oppression is high-crime rates, drug-dealers, corruption, systemic poverty and more.

What are we to do about it? Walk out Jesus’ instruction in the Great Commission. “Go into all the world …” (see Mark 16:15-17, Matt 28:18-20). In other words, go into your community! Gather with like-minded believers in your city. Pray together. Push back darkness. Strategize on how to become a solution to systemic issues. Begin to occupy the land the enemy has ruled.

Listen to this episode of Occupying Force on Charisma Podcast Network to hear how you can be involved in societal transformation by casting out demons in your land.

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The Power of WE-dentity

One of our favorite messages to share is the concept of “We-dentity.” The believer who grasps this reality of the fullness of Father, Son and Holy Spirit in you equals a  “We,” walks in the fullness of their spiritual identity.

Not that identity is not important, we need to have a clear picture of who we are in Christ. However, we were created for more. It is no longer “I” alone to face the world; the power of the fullness of the kingdom is within you. The truth is you are part of a “We.” To experience this reality, put your hand on your heart and make this declaration: “Father + Son + Holy Spirit in [your name] = We.” Do you feel the power of the 3 in 1 force multiplication? The truth is you are outnumbered! This is a very good thing.Watchmen Arise - Kimberly Wilson - Richard Wilson Intercessory Prayer - Preparing for Battle - Dover, FL

From the beginning, we see that the Godhead works as a “We.” Genesis 1:26a says, “Let us make man in our image.” Jesus wants us to understand this as well. This was His prayer to the Father in John 17:22b, “that they may be one, just as We are one.”

When the accuser of the brethren comes, he attempts to aggravate the isolated believer. In truth, he is accusing the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in you, too! He wants you to think that he is accusing you alone. Whenwe take this bait, we find ourselves in despair, depression, anxiety and fear. We were never created to fight alone. The force of the Trinity is with you!

When you hear the voice of the accuser:

  • Ask the Father, Son and Holy Spirit what He thinks about the accusation.
  • Ask if there is anything He wants you to do or say regarding it.
  • Ask for timing to proceed with what He tells you.

It is time to walk in “WE-dentity!” No more isolation. You are not alone!

Want to learn more? Listen to Occupying Force: The Force Be with You on Charisma Podcast Network now. You can also check out Preparing for Battle: Developing the Lifestyle of a Victorious Prayer Warrior by Kimberly J. and Richard C. Wilson.

Richard and Kimberly Wilson, executive directors of Watchmen Arise International, serve as corporate trainers of societal transforming Christians. Together they co-host the Occupying Force Podcast, co-authored Preparing for Battle: Developing the Lifestyle of a Victorious Prayer Warrior (available in Spanish, too), Victorious Prayer Warrior Bootcamp Online Train the Trainer Intensive and Societal Transformers Bootcamp. They are popular speakers who activate regional teams and individuals alike in the areas of spiritual management, civil engagement and transformed communities. To find out more about the Wilsons and interactive online training opportunities visit

This article appeared in Charisma Magazine on July 30, 2021.


Richard & Kimberly Wilson

Kimberly J. Wilson, (formerly Johnson) founded Watchmen Arise International in 2009. In 2017, the ministry’s home base merged with Ekklesia House International in Dover, Florida where she and her husband, Richard C. Wilson, provided training, activating and networking of today’s prayer army to fight the battles of tomorrow. Now, they reside in Moravian Falls, North Carolina.