Our cities need spiritual transformation and civil reformation. One way you can be part of this is through targeted intercession focused on discipling your city. Oftentimes, we focus on symptomatic issues instead of transformative ones. If we are to overcome corruption and deep-rooted sin in our cities, we must pray for a discipling movement to begin.

Targeted intercession is focused prayer. Think of your prayer as an arrow pulled back in a bow. You are ready to aim and shoot. However, without a target, your prayers fly amiss! Most likely, they will not hit the mark. Prayer targets tend to bring more measurable results.

In the area of city transformation, several areas should be targeted. The spiritual component of prayer, combined with believers who will be the voice and action of change, will cause communities to reform. When the worldview of citizens shifts, the culture follows suit.

Ready to pray for city transformation? Let’s join together and target the following areas in our towns:

  1. Revival of our first love: We are commanded to love God and love our neighbors as ourselves. When a realization of God’s big love for us manifests in members of a community, the culture will change.
  2. We must understand who are as citizens of the kingdom: This includes taking personal responsibility for how we govern ourselves. What do we govern? Our thoughts, attitudes and motives. Also, our homes, faith communities and schools. Citizens who understand their identities are productive members of society.
  3. Ignorance is not bliss: Uneducated people can quickly become enslaved. Abraham Lincoln wisely stated, “The philosophy of the schools in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next.” Pray for a biblical worldview to be taught, as well as moral and principled education, correct history, The Constitution, etc.
  4. Moral Compass: Pray for an understanding of right from wrong to awaken others. There has been a loss of biblical principles and virtues. People of virtue respect and obey the law. Lack of character results in immorality, corrupt laws and poor economy.
  5. Citizen’s Rights: Empowered people empower people. It is our biblical right to own our ideas, thoughts and opinions. Your talent belongs to you. You have the right to own land, speak freely and enjoy the freedom of assembly.
  6. Pray Psalm 110:3, “People will volunteer freely in the day of Thy power.” This includes community collaboration amongst believers to be agents of change in the community.
  7. We are talking cooperation, not competition. Balanced unity is a blessing. When unity is forced, it is a form of communism.

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