Our personal email inbox is overflowing with prayer requests, causes, and campaigns. Not to mention, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Rumble, etc. are full of items that vie for our attention. The resources available today through the internet, videos on demand, DVDs, CD teaching sets, classes, books, and conferences are innumerable. We often receive emails suggesting that we need to watch this or pray for that. We are told we should attend this conference or that meeting. Well-meaning people suggest that we need to read this book or hear that speaker. We could easily spend our whole day reading, watching and listening and never spend quality time with God! We were created to accomplish what He has called us to do. We’ve got to guard our time. We need to be selective in what we hear.

One day in prayer, the Lord gave Kimberly a great piece of advice that we are passing on to you:

Beware of too many voices speaking into your camp.
I have set you in alignment with those I need you to work with in this hour.
Guard your ears from words that will lead you astray from My call on your life.
Some will separate from you because they will see you as narrow-minded, but I call you focused.

If we are counting on someone else to tell us what to do, we are missing the delight of serving the Lord. Those you are in alignment with should complement what God is speaking to you. You should be running the same course. If you feel that you are running in a different direction, ask the Lord to show you if you are properly aligned. If He confirms to you that you are, let Him reveal the source of your contention so that you can deal with it. Be a blessing, not a curse. A word in due season is worth its weight in gold; but too much information equals overload. There are great resources out there. And we need to let the Lord lead us to the ones we need.

There are numerous ministries that are doing great things for God; find where you fit. You owe this to yourself and to the body of Christ. Your gifts will come alive and their ministry will be blessed to have you as part of their team. Be selective of who speaks into your life. Find your team. This is a key to being successful in spiritual warfare.