Have you ever walked into a building and felt the presence of darkness? Perhaps you sensed frustration and anger from the people there. That is exactly what happened the night I (Richard) went to the local drug store to pick up a prescription. It was late. The front register was closed. The result: The line at the pharmacy counter consisted of sick people picking up medicine, a guy buying a six-pack and others just wanting to pay for the few items they needed that night. The atmosphere was toxic with bad attitudes.

When we walk into situations like this, we have a choice. Do we succumb to the atmospheric pressure? No! We are called to be atmosphere changers. As kingdom carriers of God’s attributes, we have the ability to shift an atmosphere of darkness to one of light. Choose to succumb, and you become overrun with the bad atmospheric pressure. Choose to overcome, and you will bring the light of the kingdom in instead.

I made a choice to release peace that night at the drug store. What seemed like a volatile environment soon changed to one of peace. The customers began smiling. Their body language changed, too. You have that ability, as well. The substance of God’s peace is within you.

We have the opportunity to release the kingdom of God wherever we go. When we sense an opposing atmosphere, we should move to action. We are to overcome evil with good. Evil wants us to concentrate on it. Don’t do it! Instead, release God’s good into the situation. This is how you displace the evil environment and become an occupying force of good instead!

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Originally published in Charisma Magazine, July 30, 2021. Click here to view.