Kingdom Advancement School Fall 2019

October 12, 2019, 10 AM-4 PM
It’s time for next Kingdom Advancement School’s class on Saturday, September 14 at Ekklesia House International. This year KAS will center on the focus of Warfare Strategies for Earth Managers.   The October class is titled God’s Redemptive Plan in the Midst of the Seed War.  We will cover the foundations of God’s original intent for creation and mankind, how the Fall effected the earth and man’s perception, and how twists and turns in earth’s early history reveal warfare strategies for earth managers.   

You will learn about:

    • The Nations after Babel
    • From Abram to Abraham
    • Contention of the Nations
    • Defilement of the Land

Cost:  $30/class or $100/fall semester pre-pay

Want to learn this material? On-demand self-study registration is available, too.

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