One of our favorite messages to share is the concept of “We-dentity.” The believer who grasps this reality of the fullness of Father, Son and Holy Spirit in you equals a  “We,” walks in the fullness of their spiritual identity.

Not that identity is not important, we need to have a clear picture of who we are in Christ. However, we were created for more. It is no longer “I” alone to face the world; the power of the fullness of the kingdom is within you. The truth is you are part of a “We.” To experience this reality, put your hand on your heart and make this declaration: “Father + Son + Holy Spirit in [your name] = We.” Do you feel the power of the 3 in 1 force multiplication? The truth is you are outnumbered! This is a very good thing.Watchmen Arise - Kimberly Wilson - Richard Wilson Intercessory Prayer - Preparing for Battle - Dover, FL

From the beginning, we see that the Godhead works as a “We.” Genesis 1:26a says, “Let us make man in our image.” Jesus wants us to understand this as well. This was His prayer to the Father in John 17:22b, “that they may be one, just as We are one.”

When the accuser of the brethren comes, he attempts to aggravate the isolated believer. In truth, he is accusing the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in you, too! He wants you to think that he is accusing you alone. Whenwe take this bait, we find ourselves in despair, depression, anxiety and fear. We were never created to fight alone. The force of the Trinity is with you!

When you hear the voice of the accuser:

  • Ask the Father, Son and Holy Spirit what He thinks about the accusation.
  • Ask if there is anything He wants you to do or say regarding it.
  • Ask for timing to proceed with what He tells you.

It is time to walk in “WE-dentity!” No more isolation. You are not alone!

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This article appeared in Charisma Magazine on July 30, 2021.