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There is a spiritual war going on around us—a fight between light and darkness. There is a need for an occupying force to step out of the four walls of the church and influence the society around them.

Fifteen years ago, we never imagined we would be facing many of the issues we are today. The question is: What are we as Christians going to do about it?

It is noticeably clear as we look at the nations today that Christians have stepped out of society and gotten too comfortable just showing up for a church service. We have let the non-churched determine the roadmap of our nations’ futures. How did we come to this conclusion? Just look at one of the massive problems that we face every day: the fight for the minds of our children.

Concerned Citizens: It is Time to Occupy!

Parents and concerned citizens, we encourage you to get involved and become an occupying force in the education system. It is time to pay attention to the curriculum our children are being taught. There must be a rising up of parental voices who are ready to fight like never before.

This happened in our region of Tampa Bay several years ago. On the onset of a government mandate to allow boys to use the girls’ bathrooms, and girls to use the boys’, an occupying force of parents and pastors flooded the school board meetings. Representing tens of thousands of individuals in the territory, the righteous voices that stood up and swung the vote made a difference for the students.

Listen to Occupying Force: The Origins of Occupation on the Charisma Podcast Network.

The corruption in politics, government and news is clearer now than ever. There is no longer a plumb line of truth in society; therefore, people’s ability to discern is dull. The result is the contrast between the destiny of our nation, which was founded upon God and his principles, and the philosophy of socialism and communism raging to take over. We must be willing to speak up and get involved in areas that may seem out of our comfort zones. We can no longer keep our heads in the sand and just say, “Oh well, God is in control.”

We must recognize that we are to partner with him in what He sent His Son to accomplish. Become an occupying force! 

Richard and Kimberly Wilsonexecutive directors of Watchmen Arise International, serve as corporate trainers of societal transforming Christians. Together they co-host the Occupying Force podcast, co-authored Preparing for Battle: Developing the Lifestyle of a Victorious Prayer Warrior (available in Spanish), and courses designed to further your influence in this world like Societal Transformers Bootcamp. They are popular speakers who activate regional teams and individuals alike in the areas of spiritual management, civil engagement and transformed communities. To find out more about the Wilsons and interactive online training opportunities visit