New Weapons for a New Season Conference

New Weapons for a New Season Conference

It’s time for new weapons for a new season with Don Lynch and Clay Nash!

Watchmen Arise International is excited to host our next Weekend of Activation and Training from Thursday, August 25 – Saturday, August 27 at our training center in Auburndale, Florida.  Each month we provide strategic opportunities for Christian prayer warriors to gain new tools of the intercessory trade and to refine old ones.  This month is no exception as we learn from Dr. Don Lynch and Clay Nash.

New Weapons for a New Season

Don’t miss our next Watchmen Arise Weekend of Training and Activation
with Don Lynch and Clay Nash

Thursday, August 25, 2016 7 PM
Friday, August 26, 10 AM, 7 PM
Saturday, August 27, 10 AM

God is re-arming the prayer movement. It’s time for NEW WEAPONS FOR A NEW SEASON! Don’t miss Watchmen Arise International’s Weekend of Training and Activation on August 25-27 with Dr. Don Lynch (Jacksonville, FL) and Clay Nash (Southaven, MS) for this epic weekend to gain new weapons for the Kingdom battles ahead.

Cost: $40.00


Seating is limited to 55.  Register today to reserve your space.


Spiritual Parenting: Reveal Resources for Growth

Spiritual Parenting: Reveal Resources for Growth

Spiritual parenting is more than being the church boss or lead administrator for a ministry.  A healthy leader will inspire growth in God’s sons and daughters by discovering the gifts within them, providing opportunities to learn and grow, and revealing resources available to accomplish their God given purpose.

One of the most important responsibilities of a father
is to reveal to their children the resources they have
and ultimately to help a child see
more resources than they normally would see.

 – Arthur Burk*

Leaders in the body of Christ would do well to view our responsibility as spiritual parents through the lens of how Father God parents His children. The goal ultimately being to raise healthy sons and daughters who are secure in their identity as children of God.  One of the ways we do this is by pointing the way to resources that will further the development of the gift and calling in those we are raising in the Kingdom of God.

One of the greatest ways to do this is to identify the joyful gift and resource in the son or daughter the Lord has placed before you. Are you raising your sons and daughters so that they reach their full God created potential and purpose? Are you revealing the resources of the Kingdom to them so that they will succeed?  (By the way, YOU are not their only resource).  If not, chances are you are operating as a hard taskmaster, a slave owner at best. Let’s purpose to change the way we minister.

Let’s raise blessings.
Let’s raise healthy family members.
Let’s abolish slavery and foster care that has wreaked havoc in the identities of God’s people.
Let’s move fully into the heart of the Father and the spirit of adoption.
Let’s purpose to break the false identity of slave in those we lead and raise healthy sons and daughters of the Lord Most High.

Lord God, use me to raise healthy sons and daughters in your Kingdom. Give me Your heart for those you have caused to cross my path. Give my Your vision and created purpose for them. Unveil the resources that are needed to move them along in the process of discovering destiny. Give me wisdom in how to help them grow. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

*Slavery to Sonship Series: 1.02 Revealing Resources (YouTube)

Mobilizing the Watchmen

Mobilizing the Watchmen

Knights on horses

Mobilizing the Watchmen

I can’t wait for our next event, Mobilizing the Watchmen at Watchmen Arise International.  Staying true to the ministry’s original call to raise up a new breed of intercessors through monthly days of training, I am happy to announce that Days of Training and Activation are back!!!  I love when the prayer army gathers, gets equipped and goes out on assignments!

On Saturday, June 18, 2016 from 10 AM – 5 PM, Watchmen Arise will be hosting Mobilizing the Watchmen, a one day gathering to assess the prayer army and review current assignments.  Kim Johnson will be teaching about the role of the watchmen, intercessor, and prophet in the prayer movement and the expansion of the Kingdom of God.  Katherine Thomas (FL-Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network) will be sharing on identify false apostolic structures and giving strategies on how to pray.

If you are called as a societal transformer for the Kingdom of God, I encourage you to make plans to attend.  Days of Training and Activation are designed to train you, connect you with the like minded prayer warriors, and mobilize you in the sphere of influence God has given you.

Register today at Mobilizing the Watchmen.


Kimberly Johnson
Corporate Trainer of Societal Transforming Christians

Keys to Advance in the Days Ahead – May 23, 2016

Keys to Advance in the Days Ahead – May 23, 2016

First off, let me say that I love our Developing Apostolic Communities Group at Watchmen Arise!  Our group of societal transformers are doing awesome things in their communities, ministries, and businesses.  The Kingdom of God is Advancing in our region and it brings me great joy to watch the Lord use His people to do so.

Second, it’s been too long since I’ve seen everyone since I changed the schedule to once a month.  Monday, May 23, 2016 at 7:00 PM can’t come quick enough!  Watchmen Arise will be open at 6 PM if you want to come early. You are welcome to bring your dinner and eat before class or just hang out at the center and visit before we start.

Third, I’m going to be sharing keys to advance in the days ahead.  It’s time for us to assess our assignments and collaboration with one another.  How are we progressing?  How are we connecting?  What is forthcoming for assignments?

Please come ready to share what God is doing in your sphere of influence and ready to pray to seek the Lord on how we can advance together in our regions.

I hope to see you Monday night!  Let’s advance together!!!

Kim Johnson


Let’s Live the Revived Life

Let’s Live the Revived Life

I wonder what would happen if Christians stopped looking for revival as the answer to all their woes.  What if we made the choice to live the revived life instead?  My observation in the charismatic church circle is that many are waiting for some mystical moment of God’s presence to breakout as a sign that He is truly real.  The truth is Jesus already died on the cross, paid our price of redemption, and released the fullness of Heaven into our lives.

You are alive in Christ.  You are already revived!

Are you daring enough to live as one who is awakened to the cause of Christ?  Are you prepared to be societal change agents for the Kingdom of God? God is looking for those who will walk in the redeemed identity He intended to you have.

I’ve made the choice to walk in my revived identify. Anyone care to join me?

Kim Johnson



Kimberly J. Wilson is the founder of Watchmen Arise International based in Dover, Florida. Training, activating and networking today’s prayer army to fight the battles of tomorrow is the heart of this ministry.