Fire on the Altar: Night of Worship – December 8, 2017

Join Watchmen Arise for a special night of Fire on the Altar worship and prayer at Ekklesia House International! Fire on the Altar

WHEN:  Friday, December 8, 2017 at 7 P.M.

WHERE:  Ekklesia House International, 305 N. Dover Rd., Dover, FL 33527

Starting at 7 PM, Richard & Kimberly Wilson and the Watchmen Arise team will be hosting a night of worship.  Bring your Bible, a journal and most of all your heart to worship the Lord as we host His presence.

Enter into the Worship Zone

Kimberly J. Wilson of Watchmen Arise International teaches on worship, intercession and the atmosphere of heaven at Branch of Christ Church in Lutz, Florida.

Pull Up the Wagons, Load Up, and Move It On Out!

Pull Up the Wagons, Load Up, and Move It On Out!

“Pull up the wagons, load up, and move it on out!” could be the focus phrase for what’s going on a Watchmen Arise International these days.  This past year has been one of many changes – new alliances, new assignments, and expanding territories to develop, to name a few.  The last few months have been a time to evaluate EVERYTHING and let go of the old in order to step into the new.  One of the things that became apparent was the need to isolate Watchmen Arise International to one location, namely our offices and training center in Auburndale, Florida didn’t fit in with our future assignments.  With that said, our team is finishing the process of closing down this location in order to fully focus on the new assignments God is presenting to us for this year.  It is an exciting time to be alive as a minister of the Gospel.  Just wait and see what the Lord is about to do throughout the nations!


The last few weeks have been full of decisions of how and what to move out of the Watchmen Arise International Auburndale, FL training center. Oh, the times of glorious encounters with the Lord that happened here. Freedom, activation, birthing of ministries have happened in this place. New songs, a book, many articles and hours and hours of training have gone on. It’s amazing how many treasured memories I will always have of my time in this location. However, it’s time to move into a new season free from building maintenance, it’s overhead and geographical restraints as doors to reach regions in our nation propel me further into a life of itinerant ministry on a level that demands my all.

I must admit that as of this writing I am quite tired of moving stuff, shuffling things around to make them fit in my home office, and selling the stuff I don’t want. There is a price to shift into the next season…time, physical effort, and a willingness to let go of the old to fully embrace the new. For many of us, it’s time for a natural rearrange to prepare to run in the new supernatural assignments ahead.

I’m preparing for the NEXT.  Anyone care to join me?

Watchmen Arise Shift into the New!

Watchmen Arise Shift into the New!

Watchmen, it is God’s appointed time to step through this gate of time called Rosh Hashanah/Head of the Year and prepare to enter into the new season He has prepared for you.  Isaiah 43:19 declares:

See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?
I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.

Yesterday, during our Sunday morning gathering, I released the following prophetic word.  May you be encouraged as you pick up your Sword of the Lord this year and wield it to advance the Kingdom of God.

October 2, 2016 – We are in a strategic day here. As sundown approaches we are entering into the next Hebrew year. Rosh Hashanah starts at sundown tonight so this is the moment to finish things. This is the moment to say, “Lord! Thank God for the last season, but Lord let me throw off those things that weren’t so great this last season. Those things that tried to take me down, let me throw those things off and leave them here at this gate of time, at this moment of time, as we press forward into this next Hebrew year 5777.”

We are going from a time of when our tent pegs went in, where our territory became secured and we are moving into a season of where the sword of the Lord is rising up.  It is the year of the sword.  Are you ready to war? (Watchmen Arise) you all are ready to war.  So Lord, we just thank you.  We thank you that even with the tent pegs, things are shifting all the way around. They are shifting here at Watchmen Arise, there are friends I have been talking to that have things that are shifting and visions and blue prints to go in and to stake new territories. Lord, we just thank you for all of those that are moving and advancing into this new place that they are going…

Here is what I am seeing:  I am seeing like when you see a new development that is going in and all its’ scrub oaks and nasty pine trees. It is Florida wildlife. Which is not that pretty. We are going in and we have gone around these areas that God has called us to stake out and we have put the stakes in the ground but it still looks like a mess. It looks like wilderness. But, this is the year the machete comes in our hands and we clear the land to go in and occupy and set up.

We thank you that behold you are doing a new thing, Lord. That this is the season of the new thing. We echo the words of Isaiah, behold you are doing a new thing. And Lord our ears are tuned to the words of the prophets that have been coming forth and all of the synergy of the words that are coming. Even in the last couple of months God, there has been this grand symphony of prophetic words coming together. Alignments coming together. People coming together. And Lord, we just thank you that we are in this moment of time and we are going forth ready to clear the land, ready to prepare the next for You.  I even say that in this place, that this is a day that the new wineskin begins to form. That thing that we have so embraced in this past season, in these past seven years, that thing that we have so embraced, called Watchmen Arise, we just say today that we lay it down at this gate and time. And Lord we just say do what You will. Do what You will Lord.

We thank you for this season. We thank you for the wine that was poured into that wineskin, but Lord we say today that we want the new. We want your best. We want the territories that you are calling forth so Lord in this ten year season that we are entering the last third of, the AYIN – the look again, the see again, the pay attention, the wells Lord, spring up o well, the watchmen decade – we say in this last third of this race that Lord you create a new mandate, a new call, a new wineskin, O Lord, to form to move forward.  Lord we just say have your way. We will do what you long for in Jesus’ name!

Kimberly J. Wilson at Watchmen Arise International, Auburndale, Florida

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Intercession in the Fast Lane 2016

Intercession in the Fast Lane 2016

It’s time for Watchmen Arise International’s Intercession in the Fast Lane 2016 with Becca Greenwood and Kimberly Johnson.  This year join us December 9-10, 2016 at Ekklesia House International in Dover, Florida (Tampa Bay) for a weekend to activate your prayer life and adventures in intercession to a whole other level!  Hosted by Watchmen Arise International and the Strategic Prayer Apostolic Network.

Get ready to be activated into the glorious joy of strategic intercession as Becca tells stories of fast track intercessory God-ventures and releases a charge to mobilize the strategic prayer army in this season.


About Our Speaker: Becca Greenwood is co-founder and president of Christian Harvest International and Strategic Prayer Apostolic Network (SPAN) and author of Authority to Tread, Let Our Children Go, Destined to Rule and more.

Over the past 23 years, she has participated and led in spiritual warfare prayer journeys to 25 countries such as Egypt, Nepal, Italy, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Ireland, Spain, China, and to many cities and locations throughout the United States in which measurable breakthrough of transformation have been realized.

Rebecca has been a guest on TBN, Its Supernatural, God Knows and the Harvest Show. She has written for publications such as Charisma, Pray! Magazine and Spirit-Led Woman. She graduated with a Doctorate of Practical Ministry from Wagner Leadership Institute where she also serves as a core faculty member. 

Host: Kimberly Johnson, founder of Watchmen Arise International and author of Preparing for Battle: Developing the Lifestyle of a Victorious Prayer Warrior.

Register at:

Intercession in the Fast Lane 2016


Kimberly J. Wilson is the founder of Watchmen Arise International based in Dover, Florida. Training, activating and networking today’s prayer army to fight the battles of tomorrow is the heart of this ministry.